Ignition Key

When Your Ignition Key Does not Work Is Time to Get A Professional Car Locksmith

Help! My Ignition Car Key Won’t Work


If you find yourself sitting in your car in a parking lot with a car that won’t start because your ignition car key won’t work, do not panic. Or you might be close to having an anxiety attack because your car key is stuck in the ignition and no matter how much you pull on it, it will not come out nor will it turn in the ignition. Or your key may go into the ignition fine and it turns but the car will not start because the transponder chip key has been broken. Now what? You know it is a long walk back to your apartment where your spare key is sitting in the top drawer of your dresser and you don’t have  your hiking boots on. So, now what?

Call A Licensed Locksmith If Your Keys Don’t Work For Any Reason

Locksmith companies are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, even on holidays. One quick phone call to a locksmith will have a mobile locksmith dispatched to your location in minutes. Once they arrive, they will be able to get your problem solved in no time and get you back on the way to your destination. Most locksmiths provide their services at very reasonable prices, as well. Their vehicles are equipped with all the most advanced equipment needed to solve whatever lockout problem you might be having. They have high-tech machinery which can easily create a new key for your car. They can even replace the ignition if that is required. In most cases, you can count on being back on the road in about thirty minutes.

Locksmiths Provide Many Other Services As Well

Locksmiths also provide many other services. These include cutting new keys at the roadside, programming transponder chips, lock picking in lockout situations, opening vehicles that are code locked and recoding locks in vehicles.


If your key has broken off inside the ignition of your car, do not try to remove it by yourself. Doing this can cause irreparable damage to the ignition. Oftentimes, a person who attempts to extract a key that has broken off inside any type of lock will cause fragments of the key to break off as they try to extract it from the lock. These fragments may be almost impossible to see but they will eventually cause the lock (or ignition) to break down completely and a complete replacement will eventually become necessary. If this has happened to your car, do not attempt to extract the key yourself by using pliers. Instead, call a certified, licensed locksmith right away. They will be able to extract the broken key from the lock or ignition switch without causing any further damage to it.


If your car has a digital key and this has stopped working, a locksmith will be able to help you with this problem as well. Locksmiths are highly trained professionals and have very advanced equipment to address any issue they may encounter with any lock or key.